Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can cadaver teeth be used for anything??implants?

they use bone and organs??

Can cadaver teeth be used for anything??implants?
Im in dental assisting school and for practice we have a human skull covered with a maniken head, and it had human cadaver teeth. So yeah, the teeth can be used.
Reply:Well, after you get the teeth out, which is sometimes very hard, depending upon how new the body is (the best is the very old corpses, they jsut fall right out) you grind them down and invite your friends over for dinner. During the dinner, when your friends aren't paying attention you sprinkle the ground up teeth (which should then be powdery) onto their food and watch the rest of the evening unfold. (PS the best food is most definitely spaghetti, it blends right in with the parmesan cheese)
Reply:In those days of the cannibals they are made into ornaments that adorn the lady folks. Looks cool dun you think to wear a necklace of some dead guys teeth?

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