Sunday, August 2, 2009

How long can you have your tooth missing before you get your implants?

I've had my tooth extracted in august of 2006 and I am still trying to scavenge for money before I get my implants. I understand that the roots start to shift if there's a missing tooth. How much longer can I wait before that starts to happen? Thanks!

How long can you have your tooth missing before you get your implants?
Of course everyone if different, but I have heard of people getting implants years after having a tooth removed.
Reply:Well, it starts soon after, but it's a slow process. Also, you may get what's called a 'knife's edge' as far as the bone goes where there hasn't been anything there and the bone starts wearing away even though the gum is still covering it.

I would possibly look into a dental school and see if they can take you in and replace it at a much lower cost than going to another dentist or orthodontist. If you can, look into this option! Hope this helps
Reply:I had 3 of my '1st molars' pulled (two from the top, one from the bottom) in February 2004. Two of the spaces are exactly the same size and there has been no shifting that I can see. The other space (one of the ones on top) has shrunk by about 1/3. I noticed the shifting within the last year. I used to be able to easily slide my finger in the space and I can't do that anymore. I wouldn't worry too much about shifting since it's only been about 5 months for you. I was recently at the dentist and he was recommending dental implants for me and he said nothing about shifting or that there was any serious problem yet.
Reply:I work in a dental office and we have done implants for patients that have had the tooth missing for 40 to 50 years. It takes time for the teeth to move. I'm not suggesting that you wait fifty years but I don't think you need to be worrying about right now. I'm glad you are getting implants. They are awesome.


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